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I "think" of being a man and a child of 53 years, born in Milan in Lombardy, I attended the School of Applied Design for Industry of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, the technical institute industrial design and, in fact, I do sketches, I record, carved and others, all with great pleasure, I worked in 'illustration of several books ... I have therefore, should indeed be a craftsman, then, but frankly I do not know more today 'or something like define. Led by the life, I have also learned the layout of galleries, homes, shops, but if you really look back in time I think everything that I do now is the result of 'imprintig from my parents, representatives of a humanity' certainly strange , with the ball and you want to know how to do everything. As a child and not 'I was denied the toys, but playing like a beautiful sleight of hand, I have learned from the small note, sometimes only by example, to repair any, to be more' grandicello and 'state then inevitably find myself in restoring, building and rebuilding as well since I studied the small copyists, that 'writing by hand, another of the dots of my father, that maybe affected by its origin from' Istituto d'Arte di Brera Combined with the Polytechnic Engineering, considered the right to enter, I say very wisely, in my hands. In this application, I was passionate, in fact, study and do calligraphy works by more 'than 35, a dreamer like me are not so hard my lifetime. My mother, restorer - reparation of ancient books and anything I say in the end was really love a lot, because 'a housewife a woman of the house that endangers all its equipment, even including its beautiful sewing machine Swiss ultra precise, constantly threatening a child with anything but calm ... in the end, doll clothes, curtains doll houses, models of the sails of boats and all the sewing of accommodation, but not only, here are practically tailor, the father of my good Chioccia - mother was a tailor designer and cutter bravissimo ... DNA and perhaps' a little past? I think so. As a child I was in that I now also a great cabinet maker restorer of Venice, which already 'when I was 14-16 years, I took a lot in sympathy, teaching and doing a lot to discover me also say a vein, which has left me more 'In fact I have always some good mobile between your feet to be restored - fix, so do not live without. This experience then I was then brought in more 'workshops and laboratories to work primarily to learn, many of them unfortunately there are no more', but with restorers - masters of real talent, with which I have examined the subject infinity. Certainly this' who accompanied me as a constant desire and parallel, as a part of my ideal to achieve myself, there was also a laboratory all mine, that in the end, now exists. I'm inziando a suspect who is not only the classic pliers to do or to do something, but also something that comes close to what is said to be a temple, what, where I see that my mind takes forms unknown at least for me '. From 5 years I moved from Milan in the countryside, where I attacked a little old house and I have personally built a laboratory - the workshop of wood, pine good layers, finally a really quiet after the chaos of the metropolis Milan, where take life games and toys, ancient and modern, broken, wheeled, missing pieces, no color, to be placed in short. It does not matter whether you are a museum, a private collector or a game with a broken two money games here by me are all equally loved and arranged - repaired to the best that I know.

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