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Then we agree,

missing something?

and ...

Receiving Payments send me?

Better make sure that they are both good agreement, then we see everything that concerns the-shipments between us and the payments, the conditions that will govern our short relationship, we want to be clear and satisfactory to both.

Send and receive normally abroad with POSTE ITALIANE.


If it is soft objects that do not have to be compressed, with a maximum thickness of 5 cm, is enough to RACCOMANDATA,or the equivalent in your country,,better maintained, and always arrives within three days, and regular mail 'everywhere much less reliable. Otherwise always use the parcel post, if it secures and 'better, not just to possibly recover the value of shipped, which usually only reduces the cost of shipping, because the' we follow a process ... more 'reasoned that I use only this type of shipment, always. To ensure this' which sends a different value, which could possibly be truly repaid, you must document the same for new merchandise, you can 'and then get a receipt confirming the exact value of the "thing" in the restoration believe me, you speaks at the end of objects regardless of their true value, commercial or condition, are always considered as "used" by an estimated value and then will be very difficult to 'fully recognized, I speak from personal experience, if only reimburse the shipment, a few dozen euros then, then the Board to ensure it ', but for the minima.Per pack all well and good simple wrapped sheets of newspaper inside the package, placed all around the object will act as a buffer for the content; sack in a cellophane sealed the item? better still, you never know. Personally, I give advice to be somewhat Supermarket one of those wonderful boxes of their type to be bleach or biscuits, which throw away and that would also give us, just ask, are always new, strong and beautiful clean, good defense and to send almost everything; close them with tape full, with the belt from havana package also makes them waterproof. Look no evil, we are not talking about saving the cost of a box, but to find a nice sturdy, those are not the same and it 'difficult to obtain new, try to believe in short. In the case of ceramic figurines and glass will change the speech, then use a metal box of cookies or a box made of wood well, with the paper, maybe the plastic bubbles, which wraps up each piece and the loose straw are ok.

VERY IMPORTANT : Always put on the neck that you send me, down, down, my phone, which daro 'forever. Parra 'strange, but this caution to my phone has' demonstrated not only for me, a good thought, if the carrier is difficult' delivery or driving his truck is not geared to the street in his hand, but with the stars, as it sometimes seems to happen, and 'easy, then, that sooner or later, the recipient phone, ask for clarification on where to actually deliver this package ... so blessed' does not return home with strange excuses and clear with pack still in the truck. If the package has its own round of cross-string and 'better, because', for those who must handle the whole show more 'easy (and it sees first) as the most' comfortable just to grab.

As for the payments to me are fine, but on foreign generally use PAYPAL, then there 'the bank does not use the mark. In any case, just finished work, I snap a photo of the finished, the send your mail with full pay, given the picture of the results agreed to pay me, I just paid my account on the package immediately, in possible during the day, followed by another that all my email and 'ok. It 's simple and effective, I work very well for years. If you have questions or concerns me, I still talk and clarify everything, no problem.



I thank you that you have read all my poor

English - American ...

and I hope to have it translated into an effective, if you see above errors or possible improvements of speech and pointed me do something I welcome, thanks again and good visiting the site.











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